MM Slovenija 12

• June 1994 • How much wisdom a particular nation possesses is a constant, equal for all, just distributed in very different ways. This theory, unfortunately, does not hold up to the test of history, however attractive it may sound to a two-million-strong nation that has forced its way onto the world stage and is […]

MM Slovenija 11

• February 1994 • Slovenia, a country that seems to have flowed over the steep Alpine slopes, has long been the home of skiing. The Slovene historian and geographer and member of the London Royal Society, Baron Janez Vajkard Valvasor, as early as the mid-seventeenth century reported on the queer custom people on the Bloška […]

MM Slovenija 10

• November 1993 • Europa ist eine geographische Einheit, ein Kontinent begrenzt mit Meeren und dem Gebirge Ural. Viele Jahrhunderte lang bedeutete es für die Zivilisation, die sich darin entwickelte, die ganze Welt. Genau in der Mitte, fast gleich entfernt von Lisabon als von Nordkap und dem Ural leben die Slowenen. Unsere Kaiser waren Karl […]

MM Slovenija 8

• October 1993 • The Postojna Gate – as war strategists call it – is the lowest passage between the plain created by the River Po and the Pannonian Plain. The Etruscans and the Venetians, the Romans and the Avars, the Mongolians, the French and the Italians marched their troops over the Postojna serpentines to […]

MM Slovenija 7

• May 1993 • Made in Germany, made in Taiwan, made in Slovenia. A tiny inscription on the product which can either raise or lower its price, add to its value or give a subjective quality to its appearance and the impression it makes. The reputation of, or trust in, the country of origin are […]

MM Slovenija 6

• March 1993 • When a century ago European aristocracy discovered tourism, which was to become the world’s number one industry, it selected its ‘capitals’ – spas in the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany or Switzerland, Nice, Rome, Florence, Venice, Opatija and Portorož in Istria, Bled … When French Socialists ‘invented’ the workers’ holidays they primarily […]

MM Slovenija 5

• January 1993 • Europe is a geographical entity, a continent bordered by the seas and the Urals. For long centuries, it was the entire world for the civilization which developed in it. Right in the middle, almost at the same distance from Lisbon, North Cape and the Urals, live the Slovenes. Our emperors were […]

MM Slovenija 4

• October 1992 • With a book against a book is probably the key political motto which, in the former Yugoslav society, broke with the “commissarial demagogy” and opened the door to a new civil society, democratic dialogue and European visions. An irony of fate is that the motto was first used by a Slovene […]

MM Slovenija 3

• September 1992 • Wine is the capricious invention of the gods. It offers heavenly pleasure and threatens damnation. It possesses the grace of God. The steepest, poorest and stoniest earth bears the best fruit. Almost as if the sweat and tears of the wine-grower and the remarkable stubbornness of the plant in surviving and […]

MM Slovenija 2

• May 1992 • Time flies, and if we did not have a calendar, we would not know how much time has already passed. A calendar, a seemingly harmless sheet of paper, actually maliciously and mercilessly counts off our days. Luckily, we do not know how many days we have left. However, the unkind calendar […]