Ariadne’s thread

• The Drummer Magazine, oktober 2018 •

Twenty-five years is a time for reminiscence. In a quarter of a century things change. A baby girl that was born in 1994 is an adult with university education today. The planet is her space, she flirts with robots and speculates with cryptocurrencies. Maybe. The memory she carries within is slowly fading. The Netscape Navigator is since forever, like the moon or electricity. And the Song of Solomon was written yesterday. She is only afraid of the darkness in the cellar, she avoids the images of misery, she would love to help but she needs to think of herself too. There is no one else she can trust. She now stands alone in the heart of the earth.

After twenty-five years the revisionists are speaking out. It was different, those who used to make the world go around are now forgotten. The winners of the Balkan festivals from the time before Golden Drum came to collect the awards in their ski sweaters. Mojca Randl, the first executive director of the first Golden Drum, with her personal style and a five-star ambition moved the festival to another planet. And Daniel Levski, the first president of the Slovenian Advertising Chamber, set new standards with his demand ‘if there will be no fireworks, there will be no festival’.

The stones we walk on are being shaped, just like memories. On the marble wall standing in the lobby of the historic venue are written the names of twenty men and women who help built the festival that integrated the advertising profession of Europe, which no longer exists. New Europe.

Twenty-five editions of the event, which was known to gather up to two thousand believers of new creativity in the new Europe, does not only demonstrate the stubbornness of the organizers, but also the Ariadne’s thread, which can lead from geographical limitation. You just have to search for it and write it down.