Golden Drum Award Ceremony speech

• 25. Zlati boben, oktober 2018 •

Time is the most relative thing in the universe.

25 years ago the world celebrated 25 years of Woodstock. The first version of Netscape navigator was launched. And gay marriages’ were legalized in Sweden.

25 years ago the New Europe with its 400 million people expands European market. At the first Golden Drum we were impressed with the new warm and self irony creativity from the other part of the Falling Wall.

I will show you just one example, one of the winners at the first Golden Drum in 1994 (Film Reliable shoes).

It would take too much time to explain how the oldest European advertising festival developed in its first quart of century.
But I can present you how 25 years’ looks like.

Nina Bergoč is 25 years old, she is Master of Science at Rottrerdam Erasmus University and
now she is Account Manager at agency Grey, Ljubljana.

Nina, we started Golden Drum 25 years ago with the slogan: Strong competition, good school, devilish challenge and crazy party.

What is by your opinion still relevant today for your generation?

Nina: All four statements are still relevant. I believe though that good school is the most important today, more than it was at the beginning of Golden Drum.